We make it easy for golfers to play golf. With the theory and technology. It helps the golfers to study. It is easy to understand the workings of the body and equipment with the knowledge we provide and the illustrations that the simulator records. Learners will achieve their goals faster, not protracted.


the purpose

We train many golfers in Phuket for the purpose they want.
- to socialize
- to exercise
- to be an athlete
- to compete
- for a career

          We focus on quality of work and service as much. The competent staff is ready to transfer the knowledge and techniques to those who study systematically and step by step.


The training ground is located within the Phunaka Golf Driving Range, 1st floor (right-hand corner).
          - Inside, you can practice and learn with simulators. We have both Trackman Simulator, Boditack and Sam Putting lap in a room that is cool without sun.
          - outside area You drive on the carpet. Or to practice on the grass in the short practice area as well. There are 4 large greens that can play all chips and putts. You will get the real atmosphere of golf.


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# Why do I let my children learn sports?

Read the article of a foreign mother. Which is why she devotes a lot of money and time. To send children to sports. I'm impressed with the concept of this mother. I want to translate it to share it.

One of my friends asked: "Why do you pay so much money to play sports?"

Me: Well, it's true. I admit, but I did not pay for the sport. I did not really pay attention to sports. How much do you play?

Friend: Oh, if I did not pay for sports What do I pay for?

I pay for the time that I will feel tired until I want to quit. But he did not give up.

I paid for the day when my children My back from school is too tired to practice. But they still go.

I paid for my child to have disciplined focus and dedication. I paid for my child to learn to take care of his body, his sports equipment and his belongings.

I paid to let my children learn to work with others and be a good member of the team. Learn to lose and humble when winning.

I paid for my child to learn to cope with disappointment. When he does not have the position he wants. But he still goes back to practicing the best day.

I paid for my child to learn to conquer the goal.

I paid for my children to learn not only to respect themselves but respect their competitors, coaches and staff.

I paid for my child to learn that. Success or being a champion It has to be replaced by hard work. Practice several hours a day, year after year. They will learn that it has no overnight success.

I paid for my children to be proud of their small success. And training for his big goals.

I paid to give my children a chance to build lasting friendships, precious memories, and pride in their success. The way I feel

I paid for my child to go on the field instead of the screen.

I can write another stretch. I briefly stated that I did not pay for sports. But I paid for the "opportunity" that sports can give my children.

Sports help develop good attributes around oneself to live for themselves and others.

From where I observed I think it is a very worthwhile investment.
Cr. Trevlyn Mayo Palframan

We would like to invite you who are interested in golf. Come try our service or study first with Phuket Golf Academy. We are happy to help you. 

Thank You 

Pro Tian (Mr.Itiphon Satpitak)